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Thank you for electing to use our new shopping cart link. It will take you to our parent company website, where you will be able to select from all of the unique products we have available.
Please be aware that CaliforniaVitamins.Net and Super Spectrim are one and the same and you will still be a customer of CaliforniaVitamins.Net, when you provide the special CaliforniaVitamins.Net code "SSV" for your 10% percent discount.

Click the link below to get more information about the products that you have selected to purchase and you will also be able to select as many or as few products as you wish. Be to use your CaliforniaVitamins.Net customer discount code "SSV" for your 10% percent off the list price.
You will be asked to provide the CaliforniaVitamins.Net customer code "SSV" when you have completed your product choices and are ready to check out.

Please enter your CaliforniaVitamins.Net code "SSV" on the order form in the ADDRESS LINE 2 box in the ship to: section and the office will discount your order.  Note CaliforniaVitamins.Net customer code "SSV" 10% percent off list price offer will not appear on the total of your order form, but will be processed when your order is ready for shipping and you will see the 10% discount applied to your PayPal account. Please note that the discount is applied to the total merchandise purchase price, not including tax and shipping.

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